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This is a community for reality show obsessors. Come here to talk about what you like about a show, who you think will win, who you think is cute, who you can't tolerate...talk about anything reality show related. Post and comment as much as possible. A busy community is a fun community! =D

-No fighting.
-No putting anyone down for what they like or do not like.
-If you join, please introduce yourself by telling what shows you enjoy in your own post.
-Also, if you are gonna talk about a show that was just on, please use a lj cut tag (ex. >lj-cut text"whatever here"< but reverse the >< to <>) to respect the people who have not seen yet, unless its the following day as to when the show aired.
-Pictures may be posted, so long as you limit the dimensions to 500x300; no more than 250kB, total. 3 or more pics, please use the lj cut feature.

And thats about it. Pretty simple! =D


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